Taking The Best Wedding Gown Photographs.

Taking The Best Wedding Gown Photographs.

Bridal photography is big business and every bride wants to shine in the wedding photos. Sometimes getting the perfect bridal shot can be a great challenge but with some preparation and know how anyone can take the best wedding dress photograph. For example if you wanted to take photos of bridal couture you will need to employ the services of a professional photographer.

Maintaining Composure

Formal_dresses_Brisbane_AL1820_Sky_front-639x900As families join together to celebrate the union of their loved ones a host of emotion may be evoked in not only the participants, but also those attending the event in an ancillary capacity. It may be tempting to get swept along in a torrent of florid feeling, but maintaining a calm composure allows the best wedding photographers to find the best moments to document for posterity. It is of the utmost importance that a wedding photographer remembers to be present only to document proceedings and get the best pictures possible of the bridal party. Capturing the joy of the celebration and whirling amongst the revelry is a skill only the finest wedding photographers possess.

Large traditional wedding parties with many guests can present unique difficulties to the Bride and Groom as they pose for set shot after set shot with a seemingly endless parade of well wishing aunts, cousins, neighbours, friends of friends and even people who the wedded couple may not even know! The empathetic wedding photographer will be able to coax the bride and groom into giving their best for what can seem interminable rounds of family photos. Being understanding of the tremendous pressure the bride and groom are dealing with, yet also being able to produce the finest set of wedding photos possible is of paramount importance.

Know Your Gear

Every photographer will have a working understanding of his or her gear. But having mastery over your camera equipment is essential to taking that perfect picture. Being prepared with the correct lenses, sufficient batteries and a spare camera body will all ensure that you have a smooth shoot and you can have your undivided attention on the Bridal party and more importantly the wearer of the bridal gown itself.

Plan Ahead

Ideally you will be spending some time with the bride and groom prior to the event at the very least. It is at this time that you are able to assess the personalities of the happy couple and discuss with them what kind of look they are after. Consultation is key here. If the bride wishes to have a very traditional ceremony with a voluminous gown then a competent photographer will understand the requirements for the best possible outcome to shoot the Bride in her gown.

If it is possible to meet with the family before the event it is advisable for a professional photographer to observe the family interactions and plan to set up great shots for later. For example if the bride and the flower girl are close and have a great relationship you may suggest bringing something like a bubble wand to the wedding and take some stunning shots of the bride and flower girl playing in a scenic location with the bubbles. This kind of set up shoots have all the look and feel of a candid moment, but can be carefully orchestrated by a competent photographer prior to the big day.

Know The Conditions

Being able to scout out a location and understand where the Bride will be best positioned to display her bridal gown will be of enormous value to the professional wedding photographer. If it is not possible to personally visit the wedding site then being able to see online images of the venue and have a plan in mind to take advantage of the most picturesque locales will be essential to getting the very best shots on the big day.

Getting the Right Light

A photographer works with light and the golden time for wedding photos is in the glorious late after sunshine. A bride can look resplendent when shot in the right light and the professional photographer will be able to place her in the best possible light on the day.  It is impossible to accurately predict the weather, but if the forecast is looking gloomy a great photographer will be able to use what light is available and create a mise en scène that perfectly captures the bride and gown in all their glory. for more information visit http://www.sugarandspice.com.au/product-category/formal-dresses/

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